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We hate waste. If you can't drink it, Don't Order It.
10, io-io Street, io-io. io-io-shire. IOI OIO .... Telephone: 101010101010

Modern setting
No gaming machines or jukebox
to irritate you.
Beer Garden
2 Snooker tables,
and 3 Dart teams.

Opening Times

9:00am till 1:30am
9:00am till 1:30am
9:00am till 1:30am
9:00am till 1:30am
9:00am till 2:30am
9:00am till 3:30am
9:00am till 1:30am
Whats on at io-io's
Sunday from 7pm Every Sunday Every Tuesday Sunday from 10pm
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io-io Spooky Bingo night Karaoke Night Brainy Britain Quiz Night B Movie Film Night
The io-io Bingo night is the best bingo night around with 4 wins per card and we play about 10 games per night. Bingo sheets are just a £1 with 4 games on each sheet and we play until all the prizes are gone and when they are gone the games are over io-io Karaoke Hour from 6:00pm till 7:00pm Our lot are quite brainy and like their Quiz. Well so they think, come on down and prove them wrong and win that £100 prize thats up for grabs EVERY WEEK join us, but be prepared to get some revision in or you wont stand a chance in hell of winning. Classic B Movies from the USA and beyond. All are from the 50's 60's and 70's with a few modern clasics which went strainght to the DVD cheap bucket in Blockbusters. No talking during the film or you will be ejected to the bar on first mutter.
£1 a glass of sherry, £1 a pint and you can get a pint of traditional beer for £2 Every Sunday with 50% off everything, or a buy one get one for free or a 2 - 4 - 1 Offer All Tradintional Bitters at £3 a Pint on Tuesdays Soft Drink £2 a Pint

Popcorn £2 a Bag (Big)

Giant Popcorn £5

Especially built to serve the best beers around. We are open as long as we are legally allowed to. We Have three bars, 2 Pool rooms, 6 Domino Tables and Three Dart Teams. Our in-house Darts taurnaments are a sight to be seen. Often ending up in a fight.

io-io's Drink Offers
All traditional bitters
Lagers from
£2.50 pint
£3.50 pint
Selection of Ciders
from £2.50
Bottled lagers
From £2
Bottles of ciders
From £2.50
Bottles from the bottom fridges
From £2.50
Bottles from the tall fridges
From £3
From the top shelf
From £2.50
House Doubles
£3 inc mixer

io-io's Photo's