Welcome & Thank you for joining the io-io family.

STATEMENT : io-io.co does not decide who's art is art, and therefore who gets to show their Art on io-io "The People Do" If the people like it they will buy it, if they don't, they won't. It is up to you to manage your entry and see what sells or not.

Having said that I do ask that you "keep it tasteful" I would like to keep my Google green tick and Norton safe status, the safe for viewing tick mark. Nudity is allowed but anything "extreme" will be removed, as per the terms and conditions. (Link to T&C)

With your art Gallery you get your own unique Art Gallery Number to pass on to potential clients so they can view and buy your work, use it well and put on any and all literature.

IMPORTANT: io-io.co has no involvement with the selling or after sales process whatsoever . When a buyer clicks on the checkout they are redirected to PayPal which will bring up your PayPal account detail, as entered in your merchant ID and the cost of the item(s) Postage and Vat (if any) where the customer proceeds to pay.

io-io.co is not even notified of a sale, so you must make sure that you have a valid and working e-mail, registered with PayPal to receive notifications of any sales. Also it is very important; as soon as possible, to alter the entry status to sold and remove the price in the update art section. This you can do when you’re out and about through your mobile phone/tablet (This will avoid duplicate sales.)

Note about packing and post:- To qualify for seller protection you must use a registered delivery postal system.

IMPORTANT No 1 : You will require a PayPal account to receive payments. All you have to do is use the email address that you login to PayPal with, as your merchant ID in io-io, or go with your PayPal merchant account number, if you have applied for one. Use this link http://www.paypal.co.uk to sign up for an account. When you have, or if you already have a PayPal account, you then enter your detail into the merchant Id box in the client CV form/section.

IMPORTANT No 2 : You must give you artwork an unique title, so when someone buys it you will know which piece has been sold. You could give it a stock control number but that won’t look good will it?

IMPORTANT No 3 : Take “Good Quality Photos” Size limit is 5MB(That’s huge) for uploading. I shrink them on the way to the database. The better quality the better they look, and finer detail will be available in the Zoomer for those who like to examine brushstrokes. Too small and they won’t look good at all. Set your camera to 5MB and fine, also have a good lighting source and disable the flash if there is a reflective material.

VERY IMPORTANT No 4 : Your item must have a price on it for it to be able to sell, if there is no price the ‘buy now’ button won’t work. SO if you have sold am item take the price off and change its status to ‘Sold’ or ‘For display only’ in the update art section. (If you don’t show that it’s sold and it gets bought twice (or more), you will have to return the fee and if it’s your fault you will have to return the PayPal fee as well.

IMPORTANT No 5 : Postage and Packing. If you are going to charge for postage and packing you can either set it in PayPal as a flat rate or go for the other PayPal Multi Option, or set it for each item individually on io-io.co This is auto set for you at 0.00 in io-io in the insert Art form, but you can change it.

On the Buy it Page the statement =

You are about to buy "The Love Birds" By :- Gareth Wynne-Jones for £19.99 with a Postage rate of £1.99 with VAT at (£4.00 (20% if applicable)) Size: 180cm x 120cm in ink on Canvas, NOTE: Postage and VAT (if applicable) are added during checkout........ To remove an item from your cart simply click on the X in the drop-down menu.

Is now required by legislation to inform the buyer of postage and Vat rate.

IMPORTANT No 6 : V.A.T. If you are not VAT registered leave the amount set at 0 in the insert Art Item form (Initially set at 0 in io-io). If you are VAT registered enter your VAT individually in io-io per item in the insert art form, or in PayPal. (But if you add in PayPal it won’t show on the buy it page. MAKE SURE THAT IT’S NOT SET IN BOTH PAYPAL AND IO-IO

How to do it for io-io… using a calculator. Example:- a piece of work costs £36.00 you add + 20% to it = £43.20 then divided by 6 = giving you £ 7.20 to add into the VAT box on the io-io form, which is 20% of £36 ….. simples!. Oh and add the VAT only on the item price, without the postage.

You can always check to see if your efforts are working correctly by going through the process of buying your own work, up to the PayPal page. You can’t actually buy your own work using your own PayPal details, but you can see if all is well for the customer with correct pricing, postage and VAT if any.

With your io-io gallery you can use your space to sell your art work on-line or just display it. You have space for up to 50 items at any one time so if you have a limited portfolio you can leave sold artwork in your gallery until you need slots for your new work. When ready to replace an item, just go to the administration area login and go to update art item.

To Finish: It is in everyone’s best interest to promote their own art on io-io, yes this will generate competition but it will also draw more people into the io-io Art Gallery not just from your own area but beyond to all regions of the UK, so your client base will extend Nationally and with a bit of luck Internationally, with potentially millions of clients.

Thank You
Gareth (io-io)