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This is a brand spanking new website... It is a database driven website so it is currently in need of content. ...

How to join io-io:

Click on this LINK to go to the Admin Page and then click the join io-io button, select your business category. Select the 6 month or 12 months option.

The Concept
The MOST IMPORTANT feature of this website is that it excludes Nationals, from buying an entry in any categories except for essential services like Banks, Mobile Phone shops, with pubs and clubs it is down to the individual landlord who has the lease to join

The Message: Hire, Employ, and Buy local, but if you do buy on line, buy it on-line locally.

Even though the website has a local focus it can be searched nationally. It will be an ideal tool for tourists to check out an area. People will go wondering about the website visiting adjacent towns and areas making entries visible to all in a county and to adjacent counties. The more adventurous will go from county to county and even country to country.

This site will expose your business to people that would not normally visit your area. SO if you sell online you can have much, much, more exposure to potential customers.

The only web address a visitor has to remember is

How will work is a database driven website, which will expand as businesses buy an entry. io-io is SEO (Search Engine Optimised) for Google search, Bing, Ask, and Yahoo, which I resubmitte on a weekly cycle.

You are in full control of your entry and manage it through io-io.

io-io does not interfere with your entry at all, unless you ask for help.

io-io has a local focus but is searchable; Nationally, by Country, by County and by Town and with some categories Village specific.

A website that is designed to attract people to view what’s happening and take part in their community, be it for:-

Pubs and Clubs:- A pub or club entry giving information about the pub or club, will also show what’s on in a pub during the week, their drinks offers and food section, if they provide food.

Taxi:- Find a taxi in your area or an area you are visiting by accessing the Taxi tile, on your mobile you can tap the phone icon and your mobie will dial the number for you. All without having to download an app or signing up. Safe in the knowledge that all the firms on io-io are professional, licenced and insured.

Art Gallery:- Are you an Artist, Sculptor, Work in Fine Art’s or Photography? You can display and sell your creations through

With io-io you can sell your artwork and get paid through PayPal without paying an extortionate commission fee. No distractions like adverts on your pages, just your art and no one else’s, And a free for all areas thrown in, for everyone’s art to compete for clients, searchable by categories. Watermarked and right click disabled section.

Eating Out Places:- From restaurants to café’s and everything in-between. Need a new outfit to go out, check out the shops. Going fancy dress check out the shops, need your nails or hair done, check out the shops/services. This is going to have a re-design......

Community Groups:- This section is for a group to inform it’s members and the general public of its activities, of any type; from self help, and information giving groups, sporting events to reading group. County/Town/ or  Village fairs, Local Carnivals and Parades etc.

Commercial Activities:- Fitness boot camps, Gym’s, Yoga, Tai-Chi classes, Racing activity, sliming clubs, Ballet classes, Kung Fu,  Karate Clubs, Walking Groups Cycling Clubs. Any activity that makes money goes into this category.

Services:- For those of you who provided a service to the general public and to other businesses, this is an inexpensive alternative to the expensive directories that charge several hundred pounds a year.

Trade section:- Are you a local trade’s person? advertising your business on io-io could save you hundreds of pounds if you already advertise with the Nationals. Some of the on-line trade websites even charge you extra to send potential customers to your entry, Then they have the cheek to charge you a fee so you can bid for jobs, and not even get them, are you really really annoyed with the other adverts on top of your advert, just because ‘they can afford to pay mare’ well you don’t have to worry about that sort of behaviour on io-io. is all about fair play and affordability.

With all trade types covered, giving the visitor instant access to trade people in their locality. The independent trade person can have an entry on io-io at a very affordable rate compared to the trade only directories out there.

Music:- This category is split into three sections
1. Local Bands:- To showcase local bands, with a band members profile, next gig playing and future gig. This will attract the younger members of the community to search and seek out bands.

2. Concerts:- This is searchable on a national level giving information on up and coming concerts in all areas.

3. Music Festivals:- Any sort of music festival be it pop and rock, Jazz, Classical or Glastonbury.

Shops:- To be able to carry out these activities, whatever they may be, the visitor needs equipment and clothing etc.

There are 2 types of shops:-

PAYPAL Selling Shop: where you can sell your products thru io-io and get payments thru your PayPal Account

Or a browsing only shop where visitors can see what sort of products that you sell.

The next sections that I will be adding are Hotels and Accommodation sections.



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