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What is io-io.co?

In its existing state, NEW and so not immediately evident, io-io is a new sort of social media website, currently sparse of content but nevertheless a social media website waiting to be occupied by your businesses, services and trades, all types of community groups, social and leisure activities and work related content.

When this occurs and it could take a few months io-io will become infused with people activity, coming to io-io.co to engage with their community groups, community activity and businesses.

You as a business need to immerse yourselves within it, make your presence felt within it, and interact within it to your fullest potential.

A bit of io-io history.

Initially io-io was to be a pubs only website to show people what was on in their local pub. As I worked on it I thought, wait a minute, I can put clubs on it and then I though, why not put everyone on io-io. Shops and trades people, services, all sorts of businesses could be included. Many trade only directories already exist, so I checked them out thoroughly and saw their explotative nature with no social element to them whatsoever and the cost of them are unreasonably high, some charging several hundred pounds per year. I was quite shocked at the cost of some of them, and then they have the bare-faced cheek to charge extra to send user traffic to your entry, or like a well-known trade directory charring you an additional fee for the privilege of bidding for the job, resulting in the tradesman reducing his/her value in the hope of  winning that job, and having to pay for the privelige... Capitalistic Exploitation at its best.

io-io.co charges the basic yearly fee, with no additional charges whatsoever, AND there won’t be a competitor’s advert on your entry AND io-io would not dream of taking a percentage of your sales when you sell through io-io.

Thinking of how to make io-io different I worked with the concept of keep it local keep it open and fair pricing, AND io-io would only cater for the small independent or family run business, No Nationals, get community groups on it,  entertainment section, music, concerts, and social activities, keep fit and leasure, the list can be endless. This made it into a more social media website where people would come to see what’s happening in their community and be exposed to the commercial side of their community, get the message of Keep it Local Keep it open and start buying from their local trades and shops, and if they have to buy on line then buy on-line locally. The benefits of employing Trades and Service people and spending money locally improves the community, when people spend locally, the community benefits as a whole in that the money stays in the community and is not taken out of it into a fat cat, or banker’s back pocket, or international conglomerate.

It has taken nearlly 2 years to develop and already gone through 2 redesigns to incorporate mobile phone and tablet functionality. io-io is optimised for tablets and smart phones and uses flat and compressed graphics, this makes for faster loading and an ‘app’ at the moment is not required as you can interact with io-io through your smart phones browser.


In every section, in all the entries there are ways to link to your current website, your Facebook or other social media outlets/pages, to your e-commerce website if you have one. I have been quite generous with the graphics and the text allocation and you can make of your entry what you wish. Yes there is room for improvement and these will evolve as the site grows and becomes more sophisticated.  But for this to happen I need businesses to grasp the nettle and jump on board.


io-io.co is all about exposure, immersion, integration, gaining a presence in your community through social media.


io-io.co is based in Bangor, North Wales and I would like to see Gwynedd as a region signed up on io-io before spreading into the rest of the UK.

If you need to contact io-io.co you can phone on 01248372168 / mobile 07902362194 or e-mail me on this link

Thank you