Back one Page Art by :Vincent Wilem van Gogh Artist ID 20 Title: Three Sunflowers in a Vase Price: £ Add to Basket Sold : USA
Category: Painting Medium : Oil Surface: Canvas Style:Post-Impressionism Year : Dimensions : 73cm x 58cm
Vincent eventually planned a dozen sunflower works to be hung in the Yellow House which he and Gauguin would use for a studio. "I’d like to do a decoration for the studio. Nothing but large Sunflowers. Next door to your shop, in the restaurant, as you know, there’s such a beautiful decoration of flowers there; I still remember the big sunflower in the window. Well, if I carry out this plan there’ll be a dozen or so panels. The whole thing will therefore be a symphony in blue and yellow. I work on it all these mornings, from sunrise. Because the flowers wilt quickly and it’s a matter of doing the whole thing in one go.
Tags:Sunflower, vase