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Name :- Gareth Wynne-Jones : Artist ID No 18 Email Me e-mail the Artist MyWebsite : My Website My Facebook : Facebook

Style :-   I work mainly with fractals. Fractal art is generated with the aid of a computer and are based on mathematical calculations  
History :-   I have been painting for the last 75 years, but only got good at it last year when I transfered my skill with the aid of a computer and an A Level in Mathematics, when I became interested in fractal generation..... I am selling my artwork on a daily basis. I passed the £15,000.000 mark last week and by next friday if all goes well I will be over the £20,000.000 mark.
Who said that you have to be dead to make it as an artist? WRONG
Exhibitions :-   Tate, Tate Modern  
Certificates :-   Certificates Given