About the io-io Art Gallery


The io-io Art Gallery is a resource used to displays the artworks of several artists split into their own individual gallery, which you can view at your leisure. If you like any particular painting you can purchase it from the artist on-line and the artist will get paid through PayPal, If you do not have a PayPal account you can still pay with a debit or credit card.

io-io takes no commission from the artist as io-io thinks that this practice is unwarranted and in a lot of cases excessive and exploitative. io-io believes that the artist alone should benefit financially from their own skill and endeavours.

The artist is solely responsible for all items in their entry from initial insertion to updating the item status when an item is sold.
All sales transactions and delivery are private, between you and the artist (and PayPal) io-io does not track any of your selling/buying or delivery activities.
Any issues (if any) you have with your purchase, should be directed first to the artist, and if no joy, then PayPal (resolution centre) and not to io-io.co.

You can only buy from 1 gallery/shop at a time.
Make sure that all the items in your cart are from the same artist. Before clicking the checkout button:- Check the numbers underneath the Art work title i.e 10 are all the same
If you have items from another artist in your cart and you pay for them in the wrong gallery/shop, then the error is yours and you will only get refunded the amount of the item(s) minus the PayPal fee (PayPal still keep the fee) from the sale for that items cost, 3.4p in the pound and 20p per transaction.
Example: If an Artwork including PayPal fee is £50 and you have paid for it in error then that will cost you £1.90 as you wil only be returned £48.10
If on the other hand the Artist has not updated the status of a pice of work and it has already been sold, then you are entitled to the full amount you have paid including the PayPal fees.